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Dr Anna Ehmsen | The Expat Psychologist
Expat counseling for global happiness
Expat counseling for global happiness
Expat family planning their next travel adventure

Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m a licensed Psychologist (PhD) with over 10 years work experience and have been an expat throughout my life.

I grew up as an expat child and lived in 7 countries over a 15-year period so that I understand the issues around living abroad. 

I’m passionate about helping expats find meaning, stability, and purpose through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology. I provide online counseling and therapy in English.

I Help You

Deal with a loss of identity​

Regain purpose and self-worth

Manage moves and new cultures

Establish a routine in a new place​

Feel more connected and stable

Feel at ease connecting in a foreign environment

Reduce stress and anxiety

Stop rumination and overthinking

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100€ per Session*

A single counseling session of 50 minutes in which we look at the difficulties you’re experiencing together. We will define what is needed in order to achieve positive change.

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Couples Therapy

120€ per Session*

A session to look at and address the difficulties experienced between you and your partner.

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Coaching Package

600€ per Package*

Six individual coaching sessions of 50 minutes focused on achieving health behavior change, e.g. to stop smoking, loos weight or increase physical activity.

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Talks & Workshops

500€ per Hour

Talks and workshops are designed interactively and engage participants. This format focuses on a specific area of practice and is suitable for a group of professionals interested in learning more.

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